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Takeaway can be ordered at the window of via Goodeats.

The Tea Clipper Takeaway Menu

Hot Food:

Toasted sandwich on delicious granary or white bread        

Ham and Cheese,                               £5.25

Mozarella, tomato and basil,         £5.25

Tuna mayonnaise                                £5.25

Brie and cranberry sauce               £5.25

Sandwiches on delicious granary or white bread

Bacon sandwich                                    £4.25

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato            £4.95


Crisps                                                           £0.80

Salt and Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Sweet Chilli, or Ready Salted.

Fruit – Apple or banana                        £0.60

Fudge                                                            £1.50

Hot Drinks:

Black coffee                                              £2.75

White coffee                                             £2.75

Espresso                                                     £2.20

Latte                                                              £2.75

Cappuchino                                               £2.75

Mocha                                                          £2.75

Hot Chocolate                                          £2.75

(with or without cream and marshmallows)

Tea (Breakfast, decaffeinated, Earl Grey, Fruit, Peppermint)                                                                                  £2.50

Cold Drinks:

Bottled Water (still/sparkling)             £1.20

Apple/Orange Juice                                  £1.75

Fentimans Sparkling Drinks:

-Rose Lemonade, Sparkling Raspberry, Victorian

Lemonade, Ginger Beer                          £1.95

Diet Coke                                                       £1.95

7Up Free                                                        £1.95

Cakes and scones:

Dorset Cream Tea (scone, jam, cream and

choice of tea/coffee)                                           £5.25

Gluten Free Fruit scones are available.  

Savoury Cream Tea (scone, cream

Cheese, chilli chutney and tea/coffee)       £5.25

Scone and butter                                                   £2.00

Scone, butter and jam/chutney                      £2.25

Scone, jam and cream or Chutney & cream

cheese                                                                        £3.00

Ali’s Carrot Cake                                                    £3.25

Victoria Sponge                                                      £3.25

Warm Apple cake with clotted cream         £3.25

Millionaires Shortbread                                      £2.50       (Gluten free available)

Rocky Road                                                              £2.50

Lemon Drizzle                                                         £2.50        (Gluten free available)

Chocolate Brownie                                               £2.50        (Vegan available)

Cherry Flapjack                                                      £2.50            (Gluten free available)


Ice Creams:


Magnum Milk chocolate                                     £2.00

Magnum White chocolate                                 £2.00

Cornetto Original                                                   £2.00

Cornetto Strawberry                                           £2.00


Purbeck Tubs:

Mint chocolate Chip                                             £2.00

Salted caramel                                                        £2.00

Strawberry                                                                £2.00

Rum And Raisin                                                     £2.00